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Dr. Minal Mehta and her staff specialize in the use of contraceptives, as well as STD testing. She also offers the HPV vaccine. The doctor serves the residents of many California communities, including Fountain Valley and the surrounding towns.

Contraception Q & A

How Are STD Screenings Conducted?

STD screenings are performed in several ways. Some STDs can be detected through urine and blood samples. In women, the HPV virus is normally detected through a Pap smear. Doctors will screen for STDs during a woman's yearly gynecological exam, but often recommend getting tested at least twice a year, especially if the person is sexually active and has multiple partners. Most STD screens can return a positive or negative reading within a few days of becoming infected. Early detection helps to prevent the spread of STDs to unsuspecting partners. It also allows the doctor to begin treatment immediately. In most cases, one or two rounds of antibiotics may be all that is needed.

What Is HPV?

HPV is also referred to as the human papillomavirus. The virus can produce lesions or small clusters of warts that look similar to miniature cauliflower heads. The HPV virus is extremely common. There are over 100 variations of the virus, with only a few producing the genital warts that many people associate with the condition. Most types of HPV can be effectively treated. With other strains, however, the virus will remain and only the symptoms can be treated. HPV is often diagnosed through a Pap smear that shows abnormal cell growth. If a second Pap smear still shows abnormal cells, the doctor may take steps to surgically remove the cells through cauterization, freezing, or a conization procedure.

How Often Should a Person Be Tested for STDs?

Many doctors will perform a thorough STD screening during a woman's yearly exam. If a person is sexually active, does not use protection, and has multiple partners, the doctor may recommend getting tested every four to six months. Early detection is the key to preventing the spread of all sexually transmitted diseases. Even individuals who are in committed relationships with only one partner should still be screened at least once a year. In some cases, STDs may enter a dormant phase. It is important to know if and when they become active. Herpes is an STD that can flare up when a person is exposed to certain triggers. It is important, however, to always practice safe sex even if no symptoms are present.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At Dr. Mehta's office, we accept all PPO insurance plans and some HMO plans. Click "View full list of companies" to view the HMO plans we accept and just some of the PPO plans we accept. If you don't see your insurance provider listed or if you have any questions regarding insurance, please contact the office. We do not accept Medical.

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