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Dr. Minal Mehta and her staff serve the residents of many communities in California, including those who live in and around Fountain Valley. The doctor specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that cause abnormal bleeding.

Abnormal Bleeding Q & A

What Is a Partial Hysterectomy?

When a woman has abnormally heavy periods, it can throw off her body's balance each month. Bleeding excessively can lead to anemia and Vitamin B12 deficiency. It can also lower her iron levels to inadequate levels. If she is close to the age where menopause may become an issue, the doctor may recommend a hysterectomy. This will eliminate the excessive bleeding every month and allow her iron levels to remain within normal limits. A partial hysterectomy allows for a small portion of one or both ovaries to be left behind so that the woman's estrogen levels remain at natural levels, and reduces the wear and tear of a heavy period.

How Is Abnormal Bleeding Treated?

A woman who bleeds abnormally will often be put on birth control pills or other hormone-based contraceptives to help regulate their period and bring their body back into a more normal cycle. Doctors will often prescribe iron supplements and a multivitamin to prevent them from losing the minerals their body needs to function. The doctor's main course of action will be determined by whether a woman's bleeding is overly excessive or almost non-existent. Altering a woman's diet to contain more red meat, exercising regularly, uncovering the cause of the abnormality will all be considered when creating an effective treatment plan. If the irregularities are due to fibroids or other reproductive health conditions, the doctor may opt to surgically remove them.

What Is Endometrial Ablation?

An endometrial ablation procedure is used to remove the lining of the uterus. The procedure is used in situations where monthly periods are excessively heavy. It may also be used as a way of cleaning out the uterus and removing diseased tissues, especially if fibroids or cysts are uncovered. Different tools can be used depending on the seriousness of the case. Cauterization, freezing, and lasers are all effective tools used in ablation procedures. The procedure is often recommended for women who have abnormally heavy periods or those who bleed longer than 7 to 8 days each month. When the bleeding becomes so severe that anemia is the result, the ablation procedure is performed to help control the bleeding.

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